Co-counsellors often use cushions
to beat out angry feelings on. Alternatively we sometimes talk to them as if they are someone we need to share something with but can't at this point.

They also offer the opportunity to sit next to old or new friends from down the road or across the globe.

Your bottom could be on this
Why not join us today?


"I wish that I'discovered
co-counselling much earlier. It's really changed my life for the better."

You can learn how to
co-counsel now by doing a beginners' class called a fundamentals.

These are usually spread over 2-3 weekends. They often involve between 5-15 new people,  a couple of teachers and a few helpers.

Helpers are co-counsellors who have come along to give extra support.

A typical class in the UK may cost around a couple of hundred pound. Sometimes discounts may be possible.

In the UK you can book on your nearest beginners' class by contacting one of the people in the table below. If

you don't see any in your area, or you live outside the UK, go to one of the websites here. Why not tell a friend about co-counselling? Perhaps you could go together.

Source: Coco Info

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