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Step up to a magic jukebox, but put away your coins. If you want this machine to play just think about what your really need from life. This jukebox is full of songs with lyrics to help you get there.
Share them with friends and family. Sing or dance along to them. Bookmark the site for when you need it. 

Go to the menu bar on the left to browse for precisely the kind of lyric and mood you are looking for. Alternatively just press on one of the embedded YouTube videos below to hear some powerful pieces of music immediately.

Click below for more songs to
* Boost your confidence and self-esteem
* Put you in touch with your feelings and help to release them
* Keeping you going when times are hard

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* Help you create a better world for yourself and others
* Remind you of what life is really about

Click below for more songs to
* Support you to improve your own life
Get you thinking 
You can also use the jukebox as part of what therapist John M. Ortiz in his book, 'The Tao of Music', calls 'entrainment'. He suggests that sometimes to change how you are feeling, you need to start by listening to music that fits your mood right now. Song by song you can change the music and your mood in the direction you want. If you jump in and play an upbeat piece when you are down, it might just grate and not lift you.

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